Dynamic Coin The Worlds first dynamic coin, built on the most secure Crypto Protocol

Crypcore Is A collateralized coin backed by an exchange that splits revenue to increase the collateral. Help us raise funds by buying our ERC 20 Tokens.




The Price Of Crypcore Is Maintained On The Crypcore Exchange

Crypcore is a dynamic stable coin, the price of crypcore will change from time to time based on market conditions, unlike traditional stable coins crypcore will not be pegged. The crypcore ecosystem is organized in a way that prevents wild swings in the price of Crypcore.

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Features and Services Of Crypcore

Dynamic Price

Crypcore is a dynamic coin. It is collateralized with the aim of increasing the collateral and maximizing profit for our users. Crypcore is the best currency in the industry for those who wish to HODL.

Crypcore Exchange

The Crypcore Exchange is the premier exchange for the Crypcore coin. On this exchange you can trade Crypcore and other digital assets.

Initial Exchange Offerings

Find trustworthy IEO’s on the Crypcore Exchange or get your project started by hosting your IEO on the Crypcore Exchange. Startups can apply when they Signup to the exchange.


Crypcore aims to be the most accessible Crypto platform. Crypcore will invest in being on every exchange, every platform (mobile, web and many more) to increase our presence and accessibility to our users.

Safe and Secure

Crypcore protects its users and offers a secure coin and a secure trading environment. Hackers can contact us to get a bounty for any bugs they find in our system.


Crypcore is forked from Monero which is regarded as the best asset in the crypto currency market when it comes to privacy, Crypcore utilizes ring signatures, confidential transactions and stealth addresses.


Developer Documentation

Crypcore is forked from monero and uses the same API, The Daemon RPC and Wallet RPC are available, the biggest difference between Crypcore and Monero are the units, the smallest unit of Crypcore is the nanocryp which is 10^-9 unlike Monero which is piconero at 10^-12

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Crypcore Exchange


Crypcore Exchange

A wonderful exchange with an intuitive dashboard for Crypto traders. Holders of Crypcore are incentivized to always trade on Crypcore Because they grow their Cryps with each trade .

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Road Map

March 2019
Idea Realisation & Research
The Crypcore concept - Creating a privacy focused stable coin that is not pegged.
May 2019
Private Funding
$50,000 private funding raised
May 2019
Core Development
The development of the Crypcore Ecosystem starts.
Oct 2019
Published Whitepaper
Whitepaper is published on bitcointalk.org.
Nov 2019
Development Of Crypcore Exchange Started
Jan 2020
Launch Crypcore Exchange
IEO Starts .
Feb 2020
Trading on Exchanges
March 2020
Launch Web Wallets
May 2020
IOS and Android Wallets launch

Mobile app

Crypcore App for Mobile

Crypcore will work on being on every platform available, and that will include both mobile and web platforms. Mobile Apps For both the Exchange and the coin will be developed. Coming Soon...

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Token Distribution

36% - Token for Sale

18% - Token For Referral Bonus

20% - Team

20% - Reserve

6% - Bounty & AirDrop

  • Name: Crypcore (CRYP)
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC
Hard cap 7 Million
Soft cap 3 Million
Cost of 1 CRYP 0.15 ETH
  • New Token emissions: Unavailable
  • Bonus system: Yes
  • Presale of Private Sale: Not held
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH / No limit
  • Whitelist: No
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