Name Ticker Price Volume(24h) 1D change Graph
BTC 6,699.189 129.65 -5.48%
LINK 2.31219626 3855.26 -2.98%
Name Ticker Price Volume(24h) 1D change Graph
Tether USD
USDT 0.00014927 25365.4 5.48%
ETH 0.02092316 743.78 1.62%
DASH 0.01002636 852.26 1.16%
LTC 0.00600071 855.28 2.2%
LINK 0.00034515 3712.63 2.58%

Services we Provide

Crypcore Offers the following

Dynamic Price

Crypcore is a dynamic coin. Collateralized with the aim of increasing the collateral and maximizing profit for users. Crypcore is the best currency in the industry for those who wish to HODL.

Safe and Secure

Crypcore protects its users and offers a secure coin and a secure trading environment. Hackers can contact us to get a bounty for any bugs they find in our system.

Support 24/7

24/7 Support to solve problems our users find when using our platform.

Profitable IEO's

Find trustworthy IEO’s on the Crypcore Exchange or get your project started by hosting your IEO on the Crypcore Exchange. Startups can apply when they Signup to the exchange.

Crypcore Exchange

The Crypcore Exchange is the premier exchange for the Crypcore coin. On this exchange you can trade Crypcore and other digital assets.


Crypcore aims to be the most accessible Crypto platform. Crypcore will invest in being on every exchange, every platform (mobile, web and many more) to increase our presence and accessibility to our users.

Live Exchange Rates

Exchanges on Crypcore exchange are quick and instant

True Anonimity

Crypcore is forked from Monero which is regarded as the best asset in the crypto currency market when it comes to privacy, Crypcore utilizes ring signatures, confidential transactions and stealth addresses.