Amount Raised: $5,000.00


Crypcore was created to be digital cash, it was created to be anonymous, fungible and stable. These are three properties that cash has but crypto assets lack these properties or a combination of them and Crypcore aims to be the first crypto platform that solves all of these problems in one package. Crypcore was created to solve these problems with one Crypto platform that offers Crypto assets that solve these problems.

Bitcoin is fungible but it is not anonymous or stable. Tether is stable and fungible but it is not anonymous. Monero (which Crypcore is forked from) is fungible and anonymous but it is not stable. Crypcore is aiming to be the first crypto asset that is at the same time both fungible, anonymous and stable. To achieve this the Crypcore digital asset platform was created, and is the first crypto platform to achieve all of these properties at once.

Crypcore is anonymous, forked from Monero Crypcore is an anonymous Crypto asset that offers privacy and protects users transactions.

Crypcore is fungible, as each individual token (or fraction of a token) is equivalent to the next.

Crypcore is also stable as it holds collateral in stable coins for each unit of Crypcore USD given out.

Why Invest?
  • - You are investing in a unique crypto asset with a unique use case and a very wide market.
  • - Unlike failed Crypto projects the team at Crypcore has already built all platforms investing their own funds to ensure success.
  • - You are not investing in potential, you are investing in growth
  • - This is the best time to invest and get maximum returns.

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