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Crypcore USD is built on the Crypto Note Protocol. Crypcore USD is a stable coin that runs on its own blockchain, We keep collaterral for Crypcore USD, and you can see the supply in circulation above, It is secure and anonymous and Offers a very respectable level of Anonymity. Crypcore is a collateralized Crypto Asset, It is based on the collateral held by the Crypcore Exchange. The Exchange Reserves of the Designated Crypto Asset will be considered collateral for Crypcore. The fiat price of Crypcore Coin is gotten by summing the total value of the collateral and dividing it by the amount in Circulation. Crypcore actively seeks to increase this collateral by splitting the Exchange revenues between the exchange and the coin and adding this to the collateral so that holders of Crypcore can increase the value of their collateral and profit by just holding Crypcore. The collateral will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero.