• Is any country restricted?

    As per policy, We have complete restrictions for USA,NORTH KOREA and Singapore. Citizens or residents of these countries are advised against using this service.

  • Is KYC needed?

    KYC is not required.KYC will only be needed if we ever have to handle fiat currency for you in any way. Trading with Crypto or digital assets does not require KYC. And there are no limits on transactions.

  • Do I need to Sign up?

    Registration is quick, simple and free.

  • What is Crypcore Token

    Crypcore Token is an ERC 20 token that acts as a utility on the Crypcore Exchange. The price is subject to demand like regular Crypto currencies

  • What is Crypcore Coin?

    Crypcore Coin is a coin built on the Cryptonote protocol. It is collateralised and the price is determined from the collaterral.

  • Is Crypcore Coin different from Crypcore Token?

    Crypcore Coin is different From the Crypcore Token. They both run on different blockchains

  • Is Crypcore Safe?

    Yes Crypcore is safe.